Winter Hours Begin on Sunday

This Sunday (September 8th), the RRA Office will begin its Winter Hours. The office will be open Wednesday – Saturday, 8am – 6pm.

2013 Algal Toxin Testing Program

Roaming Shores Lake Management Committee
2013 Algal Toxin Testing Program


Note: An orange warning sign will be posted at the beaches at 6.00 ppb.


Your Lake Management Committee is concerned with the unusual rash of erroneous information being disseminated concerning the levels algal toxins in our lake this year and cautions residents to be skeptical of information presented without supporting data.  Your Lake Management Committee’s water testing program monitors water quality at our two beach areas during the hot, summer months and advises that all test results received so far have been well below any level of concern or alarm.  The detailed results to date of this year’s algal toxin testing appears in the Lake Management section of the Association’s website (  Should these test results approach the level of suspected danger, we will post caution signs at the beaches for your safety.  Of course, common sense tells us not to swim in any waters that contain unusual amounts of algae.  Please enjoy our beautiful lake and have a safe summer.

Pool 1 Bonus Week

For the week of September 3rd – 8th, Pool 1 at the Main Beach will be open one more week with different hours. If you would like to get one last swim in before the end of the season, the pool will be open from 10am – 8pm.

Lake Level Control Sub-Committee Meeting Minutes – August 14, 2013

Members present include Bud Trarp, Dave Emick, Louise Lowery, Gil Kendrac, Sally Flash, Walt Samson, Dave Flaum, and Chairman Rick Gainar.  Also present were RRA Board Members Del Rogers and John Martin.

Meeting called to order at 2PM at the Association Office.

Items discussed:

  1. Advantages of a bottom-withdrawal siphon spillway including improved weed control, less algae and sediment, clearer water, improved fishery, less wear on the dam, less risk of blockage to the emergency drain port, flood mitigation measures, scheduled drawdowns, less phosphorus and other nutrients and methyl-mercury buildups.  Disadvantages including impact on downstream waters and thermal instability were also discussed.  This open-ended discussion included a basic description of how a siphon works and some of the issues involved in coordinating the project with Roaming Shores Village.
  2. Need to create a work group to investigate the water/sewage lines that cross the cove near the dam in order to understand the effect a winter drawdown would have on the lines.  Louise Lowrey and John Martin volunteered to work on that project and report their finding to the committee.
  3. Need to create a work group to install a small 5/8” garden hose siphon near the principle spillway in order to begin sampling lake water from the approximate area in the lake where the actual siphon would draw water.  A history of the water quality will be sampled and recorded.  Rick Gainar and Dave Emick volunteered to initiate this project.

Members requested copies of the various lake studies and other background materials.

While meetings are regularly scheduled on the 2nd Wednesday of each month, conflicts required our next meeting to be rescheduled on September 25th at 2:00pm.

Meeting was adjourned at 3:45PM

Lake Sediment Control Sub-Committee minutes – August 14, 2013

Attendees:  Barry O’Connell, Carolyn Tharp, Louise Lowrey, Rick Gainar, Rachel Morris, John Martin, Dell Rogers

Meeting started at 7:00pm at the RRA office.

Item 1. Introductions and back grounds of attendee’s experiences.

Item 2. All attendees expressed concern regarding level of nutrients and sediment coming into the lake.

  1. A discussion of the different studies and, their sources with the group strongly recommending that every source of information be evidence based and authoritative.

Item 3. The need to define a methodology that will lead us to a solution that best fits our lake sediment and nutrient loading issues was discussed.

  1. Suggested process / methodology for going forward.
  • Create a data base of past and present relevant research related to sediment and nutrient loading of the lake.
  • Identify appropriate local, state, and federal resources including Universities, nonprofit organizations, extension offices related to clean water.
  • Identify sediment source
  • Map  and characterize sediment by analyzing
    • Chemical
    • Physical
    • Biological/Biochemical elements contributing to unacceptable lake conditions.

Thanks to:

  1.  Rachel Morris for her input and helping in defining the steps for our suggested process.
  2.  Barry Oconnell for input and insight to pass studies and flow rates.

Next meeting is scheduled for Wednesday September 11, 2013 at 7:00pm RRA Office

Meeting ended at 8:30pm

Lake Depth Improvement Sub-Committee Meeting Minutes – June 18, 2013

Members present include Ron Morris, John Ball, Jim Schwartz, Mike Ritter, and Chairman Ed Baitt.

Meeting called to order at 7:30PM at the RRA Clubhouse.

Items discussed:
1. Need to obtain a mechanical scoop-dredging rig similar in design to the one currently used at Lake Lakengren. The rig should be owned by the RRA since the ability to lower the lake level via a siphon spillway is still at least a year or more off and it will be used over the equipment’s lifetime. Use of this rig does not require the lake level to be lowered so dredging can begin as soon as it is in place. Other equipment can be used when the lake level can be controlled. The dredging rig would include 2 backhoes, 1 truck, 3 hopper barges, and 1 spud barge and would cost an estimated $200,000. Our own workboat can be used but will need a motor upgrade to a 60hp 4-stroke Mercury outboard motor. A bid was received and reviewed from B&R Construction, Inc. for building the spud barge.
2. The committee intends to dredge only the channel of each cove to allow property owners the ability they once had to boat to the main body of water. Accordingly, the committee will scoop out sediment from the channel near the back of several coves to learn how long it would take for the sediment to return. This may give us an idea of how often the coves channel would need to be dredged. RL50 and RL54 will be sample dredged first.

Meeting was adjourned at 9:15PM

Water Depth Improvement Sub-Committee

Organizer, Ed Baitt

Thirty-six (36) loads of silt were removed from Knowlton Rd and Old Beach #3 (“R” & “S” on the Roaming Shores map.)

Plans for September, October, and November—Silt will be removed from RL 35, RL 1600 & 1601, Fisherman’s Cove, and Nature’s Cove (“Y”, “X”, “16” and “1” on the Roaming Shores map)

We have the cost for 3 hopper barges.

The SPUD barge we are in contact with Barges and Workboats for Sale.

15th Annual Jason Scribben 3:3 Volley Ball Tournament

The tournament was held on July 6th, there were 22 teams this year. Every year friends, neighbors, and family participate, around 80 attended this year. We have great athletes and the games are very competitive. Trophies and Tee shirts were awarded to the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place teams. Jason’s aunts Linda and Karen sponsor a bicentennial raffle, it was a big success. His grandparents Dan and Helen Zygmunt donated the trophies. His siblings Josh and Amy donated the Tee shirts. A special thanks to our referee Steve Krosnowski. Between the donations to play in the tournament and the raffle $800.00 was raised for the scholarship fund. This year’s $500.00 scholarship winner was Corey Castle, a Grand Valley graduate.

1st place team: Ryan Miller, Mark Miller, and Randy Ruebel.
2nd place team: Patrick Kral, Conor MeWhinney, and Brendan MeWhinney.
3rd place team: AJ Henson, Sean Smith, and Nick Ludwig.


Rosemary Scribben

Promotion Club Dance


Click here for link to Event Page

In preparation for the Promotion Club’s Dance with the Kingpins to be held on Saturday, August 24th, Dick and Jan Hurwitz of the Promotion Club will be offering swing dance lessons/review! These lessons will be held on Mondays, August 12 and 19, from 7 – 8pm at the Clubhouse.

For tickets to the Dance or if you have any questions, please contact Sally Flash at 440-563-5776.


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