Dredging Operations

Next Stage for Dredging: Fisherman’s Cove

With our crew becoming more acclimated to the new dredging equipment in Plum Creek, plans are moving forward to begin digging in Fisherman’s cove. This cove was determined to have the most sedimentation, according to a study by Enviroscience. In order to remove spoils from this problem area efficiently, our crew put in a 350ft access road, the process only took a couple of days.

Dredging Begins!


The day has finally come. This week, after many anxious months, the Army Corp of Engineers has given the RRA the green light to begin the dredging of Lake Roaming Rock!

While awaiting final approval, our crew worked hard to get the barges, equipment, and spoils site ready for the project. We were ready to begin around July 14th, but had to wait on several government agencies to issue permits and to give final approval to begin the project.

Dredging will be performed manually with an excavator situated on top of a spud barge. Dump scowls will be used to transfer the spoils to and from shore to be offloaded and transferred to our dump site.

Our crew is currently training in Plum Creek to become acclimated to the equipment. From there, they will move to the coves that have the most sedimentation according to the survey performed by EnviroScience.

We ask that you please keep your distance from the Dredging Equipment while our crew is working for their safety and yours.

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Dredging Update


Progress continued on the barges to be used for dredging this week as one of our excavators has been successfully loaded onto the spud barge. The barge had to first be prepared for the excavator by adding lumber to its deck and to its sides to prevent damage.

We understand your anxiousness to begin dredging, but rest assured that we’re drawing closer every day. There are still steps to go through on the dredge equipment itself and with several government agencies to make sure that we are in compliance with the rules that they have set forward to protect the lake and the environment. In addition, we still have our day-to-day maintenance projects (pools, mowing, culvert, etc.) to complete in-between. It takes time, but it’s moving forward.

Dredging Update

Things are moving forward with equipment needed for dredging the lake. The spud barge and dump scowl are being fabricated by Lake Erie Ship Repair and Fabrication. Check out the pictures of the progress. Work should be completed by Mid-July with dredging to begin shortly thereafter.

Spud Barge

Spud Barge

Dump Scowl

Dump Scowl

In house, our crew constructed a push boat which will be used to move the dump scowls from the spud barge to the shore to be emptied. The push boat was launched and tested last week with no issues.

Push Boat

Push Boat

Lake Depth Improvement Sub-Committee Update

Equipment average hauling weight:

  • #1 Truck: Chevy 1 ton – 4,000lbs
  • #2 Truck: Chevy C6500 – 12,000lbs
  • #3 Truck: Mac Dumptruck – 32,000lbs

Phase 1 of Dredging is completed.

Phase 2 Report Update:

Equipment Purchased:

  • One Mac Truck: Completed – Budgeted $20k, Actual $15k
  • One Trailer: Completed – Budgeted $6,500, Actual $3,500
  • Two John Deere Trackhoes : Completed – Budgeted $28k each, Actual $22,700 each
  • Two Trackhoe Buckets: Completed – Budgeted $3,700k each, Actual $3,500 each

Bids Completed:

  • One spud barge 24” x 40”: Completed –  Budgeted $62k, Actual $49,745.47



Current Bids Out:

  • Three hopper barges 12” x 24”
    • 2 are out for bid at this time, Budgeted $28k each
  • One boat motor 60hp
    • Out for bid, Budgeted $8,200

Sediment Testing:

525 cubic yards have been taken out of 7 coves. This was for testing purposes to see how fast new sediment comes into the Lake.

Phase 3 of Dredging is targeted to begin in the middle of July 2014 or sooner.

Next Workshop: Saturday, January 25th @ 10am at the Clubhouse.

Lake Depth Improvement Sub-Committee – Phase 1 Report

Phase 1 Report:

Preliminary Dredging Meetings

  • May
    • Grand Lake St. Marys: Shallow water State Lake in western Ohio currently undergoing a massive hydraulic dredging operation. Started in 1964.
    • Lake Lakengren: Private lake association in western Ohio currently undergoing a mechanical dredging operation. Met during OLCA (Ohio Lake Communities Association) conference.
  • June
    • Army Corp of Engineers: Met to learn which permits would be required for dredging.
    • EPA: Met to discuss dredging.
    • ODNR: Met to discuss dredging.
    • Roaming Shores Village: Met to acquire permits for Dredge Material Disposal Site.
  • July
    • Chagrin Valley Engineers: Designers for Dredge Material Disposal Site.
    • Ashtabula County Water & Soil Dept.: Met to learn rules regarding settlement ponds and Dredge Material Disposal Site.
  • August
    • EnviroScience: Performed depth study for dredging locations. Will use information from 2009 study which cost over $20,000 to perform.
    • Chagrin Valley Engineers: Plans finalized for Dredge Material Disposal Site.
    • ODNR: Registered for permission to build Dredge Material Disposal Site.
  • September
    • ODNR: Paid for permits.

This Dredging project will not increase Dues & Assessments any further. The project can completed without the need to take out a loan from the bank.

Phase 2 report will be in the December Edition of the Shores News.

Lake Depth Improvement Sub-Committee Meeting Minutes – June 18, 2013

Members present include Ron Morris, John Ball, Jim Schwartz, Mike Ritter, and Chairman Ed Baitt.

Meeting called to order at 7:30PM at the RRA Clubhouse.

Items discussed:
1. Need to obtain a mechanical scoop-dredging rig similar in design to the one currently used at Lake Lakengren. The rig should be owned by the RRA since the ability to lower the lake level via a siphon spillway is still at least a year or more off and it will be used over the equipment’s lifetime. Use of this rig does not require the lake level to be lowered so dredging can begin as soon as it is in place. Other equipment can be used when the lake level can be controlled. The dredging rig would include 2 backhoes, 1 truck, 3 hopper barges, and 1 spud barge and would cost an estimated $200,000. Our own workboat can be used but will need a motor upgrade to a 60hp 4-stroke Mercury outboard motor. A bid was received and reviewed from B&R Construction, Inc. for building the spud barge.
2. The committee intends to dredge only the channel of each cove to allow property owners the ability they once had to boat to the main body of water. Accordingly, the committee will scoop out sediment from the channel near the back of several coves to learn how long it would take for the sediment to return. This may give us an idea of how often the coves channel would need to be dredged. RL50 and RL54 will be sample dredged first.

Meeting was adjourned at 9:15PM

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