Basic Self Defense Class

The Roaming Shores Police Department will tentatively be hosting a juniors and seniors basic self-defense class in the month of February for our residents. We are currently working out the specifics of the classes with a local self-defense/martial arts instructor, but would like the communities input in reference to the best dates and times to hold the classes.We would also like to poll the community to get an idea of how many people are interested in participating in the class, their age and gender. We will then begin sorting out and establishing different groups for the classes based upon the information received. Due to several different concerns we have decided that our junior participants must be at least 10 years of age to participate in this event.

If you are interested in participating in this class;offered at no charge to our residents, please contact the Roaming Shores Police Department at (440) 563-3135 or at Be sure to let us know the following:

  • The best night of the week that works for you
  • The best evening hours
  • Age and gender of participant(s)
  • Your contact information

We look forward to hearing from you in the near future and then seeing you in February.

Membership Assessment Increase Necessary for 2019

Your RomeRock Association Board of Directors takes seriously the responsibility of prudent management of our beautiful lake and community. The financial challenge of maintaining our assets, keeping our roadways safe and in good repair as well as providing safe and clean amenities that all homeowners can enjoy is not an easy task. Each year expenses increase and we try very hard to find a way to manage that increase without passing it on to the members. There has not been a permanent increase in our annual assessments since 2012. During that time period the cost of living has increased 11.5%.

While preparing our 2019 budget, it was determined that it is necessary to raise our assessments by 10%. For the average homeowner, this means an increase of approximately $70 a year or $5.33 per month. This was formally approved at the December 2018 Board Meeting and your 2019 statement will reflect the new amount.

We will continue to exercise strong fiscal management and this year’s focus will be on ensuring all members pay their fair share. Any delinquent accounts will be addressed as soon as they become past due.

We thank you for your shared commitment to our lake community. We are confident you understand the need for this action. Please feel free to join us at our monthly board meetings and stay current with all the Association activities.

Louise Lisac
RRA Treasurer

Toys for Tots

For those wishing to donate to Toys for Tots, there are two donation locations in Roaming Shores. Donations may be dropped off at either the Village Hall located on Hayford Rd or at the Marina.

Toys for Tots is a program run by the United States Marine Corps Reserves which distributes toys to children whose parents cannot afford to buy them gifts for Christmas.

Thank you!

Updating Mailing Addresses


Have you moved in 2018? If so, please contact the Association at (440) 563-3170 to update your mailing address. The office will be working on 2019 Dues and Assessment billing statements very soon and each year, several are returned due to address changes beyond the forwarding period.


Snow Birds who fly south for the winter, please contact the Utility Office at (440) 563-3132 with your address in order to not delay receiving your utility bill in January and March.

SCAD Annual Membership Drive

Help maintain the professional ambulance service that South Central Ambulance District (SCAD) is know for, and that you are accustom to.

Pick up a SCAD Ambulance Membership packet at either the RRA Office or Village Hall.

Your $15.00 membership donation will insure that you pay no out-of-pocket expenses to use the South Central Ambulance Emergency Service from this January until January of next year.

SCAD serves Morgan Township, Lenox. Rock Creek, Dorset, Hartsgrove, Rome, New Lyme, Orwell Township, Orwell Village, Colebrook, and Roaming Shores. This membership drive is very important to their operation.

Tree Trimming 2018

Friends & Neighbors will be hosting a Tree Trimming Social Hour at Clubhouse on Friday, December 7th beginning at 7pm. Join us as we decorate the Christmas Trees in the Clubhouse for the Holiday Season while enjoying a social time with your friends and neighbors! Bring an appetizer to share and BYOB.

We will be decorating the Clubhouse and setting up the trees on the morning of Monday, December 3rd. Any help would be appreciated!

Can the Cruiser Recap

The Roaming Shores Police Department would like to thank everyone who participated today in our first CAN THE CRUISER food drive. Though the total number of persons who participated was somewhat on the light side; approximately 25, those who did donate were very generous. In total we collected $482.53 in monetary donations and enough nonperishable food items to fill the back cargo area of two cruisers. I believe that with additional advertisement and community participation our numbers will certainly grow next year.

Again, thank you for your support and have a happy Thanksgiving.

Yep! It’s Here Again!

Winter brings slippery streets,parking lots and sidewalks.  Follow these tips to maintain safe surfaces while reducing the use of road salt that can damage our lake as well as environment. Excess road salt damages local surface waters as well as groundwater, vegetation, and infrastructure.  

Most ice is formed by the pressure of foot and vehicle traffic – so shovel early and often!  Clear the snow before applying any kind of salt/deicer.   Deicers are substances that melt ice or prevent its formation.  Road salt (sodium chloride) is the most common choice, but it doesn’t work well below about 15°F, no matter how much of the product is used.  Use just one pound of road salt per 250 sq. ft. of pavement.  One pound fills a typical coffee cup.  Overuse doesn’t improve effectiveness.

Salt should be scattered across the surface, with about three inches between granules.  If leftover salt crystals are still visible after salt has been applied, then you’ve used too much.  Sweep up the leftover salt and re-use it, or dispose of it in the trash.  Remember all salt applied in the winter will wash into our lake during the spring rains.  Switch to other deicing agents on very cold days, or apply a little sand in place of salt.  Sweep it up later to reuse throughout the season.

Remember shoveling is the most effective way to prevent ice buildup.  Minimize the use of road salt by paying attention to temperature and weather conditions to ensure you’re using the right substances and methods to manage snow and ice.  As always, Love the Lake and Be Lake Responsible.

Snow Rules

With snow in the forecast, the Association would like to remind residents that parking on the roads/and or berms on association-owned roadways is prohibited when the snow depth exceeds 2″ (two inches). This is necessary in order to facilitate the plowing and/or removal of the snow.

Village Ordinance 303.08 Impounding of Vehicles; Redemption reads:
(a) Police officers are authorized to provide for the removal of a vehicle under the following circumstances: (1) When any vehicle is left unattended upon any street, bridge or causeway and is so illegally parked so as to constitute a hazard or obstruction to the normal movement of traffic, or so as to unreasonably interfere with street cleaning or snow removal operations.

Please help our plow drivers by removing your vehicles and all obstructions from the roadways.

Residents should make sure their mail boxes and posts are secure enough to withstand the winter snow plowing at this time. You may want to consider installing a snow shield in front of (not attached to) your mail box to help deflect the snow from the snow plows. Our drivers are highly experienced and our policy is to only repair the boxes we strike, not those simply pushed aside by the snow itself.

For garbage service, Waste Management asks all customers to please have the area and pathway around your container cleared of snow and ice.

Breakfast with Santa

Santa will be coming to the Clubhouse on Saturday, December 8th during the Polar Bear Club’s Annual Breakfast with Santa! This event will be from 9am – 11am, Santa will arrive at 9:30am. We will be serving pancakes, sausage, scrambled eggs and mixed fruit.  We will also have an assortment of beverages.

The party is free to all children and grandchildren of Roaming Shores residents, age 12 and under.

Registration is required with a cutoff date of Saturday, December 1st.  To reserve your seats, please email the Polar Bear Club at:

When registering, please leave all of the following information:

  1. Number of Adults
  2. Number of Children
  3. Name, Age and Gender of each child

The Polar Bear Club will send an email confirmation that you are registered for the event within 48 hours.

Thank you and looking forward to seeing everyone there!

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