Kids’ Fishing Day is June 23rd

On Saturday, June 23rd, the Club will host the Annual Kenny Lippert Kids Fishing Day at Beach 1 from 10am to Noon. The Kids Fishing Day is a fun tournament just for kids ages 0 to 14. There will a hotdog lunch provided and over 40 prizes will be given out!

For more information, contact any Fishing Club officer:
President: Dave Emick – 440-520-0203
Vice President: Dave Flaum – 440-563-9107
Treasurer Co-chairs:
Walt Samson – 440-563-3107
Dave Emick – 440-520-0203
Secretary: Mike Chevalier – 440-563-3457

Opening on the RRA Board of Directors

At the Board of Directors Meeting on June 7th, the Board announced the resignation of Shawn Morris.

There is now a vacancy on the Board. Any RRA member in good standing wishing to be considered for the position should register that intention at the RRA office by July 20, 2018 @ 5:00 PM. The RRA Board will consider all interested individuals, hold interviews, make a selection, and appoint the new board member prior to the August RRA Board meeting.

June 30th Independence Day Festivities

The biggest day of the year in Roaming Shores will be Saturday, June 30th. Make sure you don’t miss out!

Roaming Shores 5K:

The day will kick off with the Roaming Shores 5K. The 5K is a family friendly athletic event.

Registration and check-in will begin at 7am in the Clubhouse. The race starts at 8am.

Sign up today!

5K Registration

Full Details

Cardboard Boat Races:

Then at noon, the Roaming Shores Police Department will host their 1st Annual Cardboard Boat Race at Beach 1. “THE CHALLENGE”: to design and build a person-powered corrugated cardboard boat capable of racing a 200-yard course, in Lake Roaming Rock. Boats may be powered by canoe paddles, oars, kayak paddles, approved mechanical paddlewheels, sails and raw muscle power.

Rules & Waiver

For more details, contact the Roaming Shores Police Department at Pre-registration for this event will begin 05-12-2018 and continue until 06-22-2018.

Entries made after 06-22-2018 will have to be submitted on the morning of the race from 10:30 to 11:45 at the clubhouse.

Jason Scribben Memorial Volleyball Tournament:

Jason P. Scribben was a senior at Grand Valley High School and died in a boating accident on Lake Roaming Rock on July 4th, 1998. We moved here when he was 2 years old. (At age 12 he met Shawn and Jeff Morris, they taught him how to play volleyball. He spent most of his summer days on the court.) The volleyball court at beach #1 was dedicated to him.

We will continue with the tournament in Jason’s honor, and the community really enjoys this event. This year the annual Jason P. Scribben Memorial 3 on 3 Volleyball Tournament will be on June 30th 2018 at the Roaming Shores Beach #1 Volleyball Court. The tournament will start at 1pm and registration will begin at 12:00pm. If you would like to register early or you have any questions, please call (440) 812-5554. Trophies will be awarded to the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place teams and there will be no registration fee, but donations are accepted. So please come and join us as we celebrate Jason P. Scribben’s memories and support safe boating on our Lake.

Sincerely, Rosemary Scribben, Amy Scribben-Snyder and Josh Scribben


The Annual Fireworks Display will be Saturday evening at 10pm, weather permitting. The rain date will be July 1st. The annual display is made possible by the generous donations of our Membership and the tireless efforts of the STARS Club. The show is best viewed by boat or from the Beach 1 area.

Boaters: Please anchor your boats around the buoys (rather than down the lake) for safety and the best view of lower & sky driven displays. Try to be in place by 9:30pm/9:45pm.

**On Fireworks Night, the entire lake will be NO WAKE beginning at 8pm until dawn the following morning.**

“Monster” project underway

From Roaming Shores Village:

On Tuesday, June 5, Orwell-based contractor Easton Excavating will begin the long planned and much needed Cherrywood Terrace Waste Water and Water Line Relocation Project. Initial construction activity will include the installation of a 10’ waste water line in the public right-of-way at an existing manhole near 2482 Trellis Place.

The benefits of the project will be impactful and include the deactivation of a waste water line that is precariously located in the lake as well as the replacement of an aged waste water lift station at 3 East (Cherrywood Terrace/Plum Creek) and providing access to city water and sewer to present and future homes located outside of the village on Hayford Road.

The project is commonly referred to as the “Monster” since its core component consists of the relocation of a sewer line that has been witnessed – not photographed – by residents bobbing on the lake surface just like the Loch Ness Monster of Scottish folklore.

As a courtesy to the Village the contractor will suspend all work during the first week in July (7/2 -7/6) in order to not inconvenience holiday activities.

The target date for completion of the “Monster” is Thanksgiving of 2018.

Compost Site Update

If you need access to the Village’s compost site, you can again get a key from the RRA Office at 1875 US 6.

Remember, the compost site is a free service offered for residents. The site is for the disposal of yard waste only! Please do not leave yard debris at the site in plastic bags.

Opening Weekend

Wow! Summer snuck up quick! It was only a few short weeks ago that it was still snowing.

This Saturday at 10am both pools and beaches will open for the season. The pool hours are 10am to 10pm 7 days a week.

Remember to bring your Membership Cards!

New for 2018, you may take a picture of each family member’s card on your phone or tablet to show at the gate. Make sure the pictures are legible; consider creating an album for each access.

The Snack Snack at Beach 1 will open at noon on Saturday, its hours are 12pm – 6pm 7 days a week.

Snack Shack Menu

The RRA Office will be closed on Memorial Day – May 28th

Green lawn, healthy lake

By  Richard D. Gainar, CEBS – Lake Management Committee

Nutrients, primarily nitrogen and phosphorus, are key ingredients in lawn fertilizer.  When it rains, fertilizer applied to lawns can wash into nearby storm culverts and streams that flow into our lake.  Nutrients contribute to algae blooms, excess weeds, rob the water of oxygen, and threaten underwater life.

Best management practices for the health of your lawn and Lake Roaming Rock:

  • Skip the spring fertilizer, especially if your lawn is healthy.  Fertilizing lawns in spring promotes excessive top growth at the expense of roots.
  • Sharpen lawnmower blades.  A dull blade tears and weakens the grass, opening it up to disease.  Many local hardware stores or garden shops can sharpen your blade for you.
  • Raise the cutting height of the mower.  Taller grass shades out weeds and needs less water.  A three-inch cut length is ideal for most lawns.
  • Leave grass clippings on the lawn.  They provide free fertilizer all season long.

If fertilizer is necessary:

  • Follow the directions on the fertilizer bag.
  • Learn about soil testing.
  • Do not apply phosphorus to lawns unless a soil test indicates that it is needed.
  • Clean up any fertilizer on driveways or other impervious surfaces.
  • Keep fertilizer applications 10 to 15 feet away from waterways.
  • Do not apply fertilizer if heavy rain is expected.

Love the Lake and be lake responsible.


Boating Safety Committee
by: Bruce C. Bower

No, this is not an inner city colloquialism for “what’s up”, It’s the hottest thing in water craft called stand up paddle boarding. It looks like a surfboard, but the people stand up and use a long paddle to propel and steer. They may go both clockwise and counterclockwise if within the 75 foot no-wake zone. So, what I’m leading to is that if a powerboat comes around a blind curve, where you have no long line of sight inside the no-wake zone, it could be a disaster! The 75 feet from shore is a safety zone for canoes, kayaks, sup’s, row boats and any other craft that is NOT making a wake. And the SUP/Yak pilots should stay within that 75 foot zone.

There still is no decision on the age of passengers on a jetski. I noticed last year of a trend starting to take VERY young infants/children for a ride. First off there are not yet available, to my knowledge, of proper PFDs made for kids under 30 pounds.
It should be a concern to the adult driver about the protection of the youngster, one would wonder if the adult driver is thinking about the “what ifs” of a mishap. A one year old child most likely will not remember when mommy or daddy took the baby for a thrill on a jetski, so just who is getting pleasure from this frivolous activity?

Remember, no-wake after 8:00 PM on fireworks night, hopefully ODNR will be at our lake to help out our Patrol Boat.
My dear neighbors, think the worst and prepare for it, have fun, but nobody wants to be involved with the pain and suffering of an accident. As always, call me if you have comments or criticisms. 440.563.4108 or 216.906.2301

Bower out.
Think Safety!

STARS Winery Bus Tour Recap

The STARS Club hosted its 1st Winery Bus Tour earlier this month. The club set out hoping to fill 22 seats on the Jolley Trolley, but ended up needing (and filling) a second bus to capacity! Since we had such a great response, future tours will be planned. Keep an eye out for an announcement.

The group’s first stop was Grand River Cellars for some food and tastings. The buses then made rounds between M Cellars, Saint Josephs Vineyard, and Red Eagle Distillery. All wonderful and unique in their own way.

Thank you to Barb Buckley and Jack McMillin for organizing the event!!

Hopefully we’ll have nicer weather next time… even though a winter tour would be nice, too 😉

Event Pictures

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