Annual Meeting – Closing Comments

The Board of Directors Closing Comments
RRA Annual Meeting
April 29, 2017

The RomeRock Association is a Homeowners Association (HOA).  It means that we collectively pay for the operation and amenities.  Roads, pools, pavilions, RL lots are common amenities.  If this is a concept that you can cannot embrace, then maybe, it’s time you look elsewhere for another community to live in.  You bought into this HOA concept when you bought your property.  It is not a new concept instituted by this Board or past Boards.  It was instituted by the Developer in the 1960s before turning the property over to the Association.  The HOA has been in place going on 51 years.  It is a very common practice by this Lake Community as well as others.  This Board is not going to move to an a la carte system of paying for Roads, pools and other amenities; it would be an impossible task.

The Board is charged with doing what is best for the Community.  There are 1300 Members.  Of those 1300 about 1100 are paying dues/assessments.  Attendance at Board Meetings is about 25 Members maximum.  About 2%.  Remember when a couple shows up at a meeting from one address, that is one Member.  When the Board makes a decision, we make it based on what we believe is best for the Community, taking into account the other 98% of the dues/assessment paying Members that are not present at a Board Meeting.  It is a difficult task.  Remember your Board is made up of unpaid volunteers, charged with doing the best we can.  We don’t guarantee to be right every time, but we try, and we do pledge to make decisions for the betterment of the Community, not the betterment of an individual.  We may make decisions that you do not like, but we believe we made the best decisions for the Community as a whole.

The Board has been to several other Lake Communities and this is by far the best.  We here at the RomeRock Association, have a great Manager, great Office & Maintenance Staff, the biggest and best Lake, best pools, best beaches, the best Lake Management group, the best roads, and now the best Office.  There are Lake Associations with better volunteerism, better  funding sources, but there are no Lake communities with: a Lake our size, two pools, two clean sandy beaches, a sand volley ball court, tennis courts, paved pavilions, assorted restrooms, and an ongoing dredging project.  And we now exceed these other Communities with our Office.  You get these things for about $65/month.  The Board recommends that you visit other Lake Communities and compare.

When you leave the Clubhouse today hold your head high:
Your Board has your interest at Heart.
You made a good decision to be part of this beautiful Community.
It’s not perfect, but it is Great.

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